Warsaw 187 sqm rented in Taneczna 18 Budynek B
Warsaw 40 sqm rented in Dzieci Warszawy 48
Warsaw 78 sqm rented in Marynarska Business Park C
Warsaw 46 sqm rented in Stępińska 9
104 sqm rented in Urbanica
Warsaw 232 sqm rented in City Gate
Warsaw 33 sqm rented in Żoliborskie Centrum Magazynowo - Biurowe - Budynek nr 2
Wroclaw 56 sqm rented in Arkady Wrocławskie
Warsaw 136 sqm rented in City Gate


We have the largest database of office space in Poland and we update data on over 6,000 modules every day. In REDD you will find information about rents, availability and competitiveness of offers on the market and you will be able to compare the attractiveness of rental offers that you negotiate. Check how much you should pay for an office in your city. Contact us to receive information that will help you choose the right offer.

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  • Location attractiveness indicator
  • Information on rental rates
  • Availability of offers by location

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