210 sqm rented in Stary Dworzec
515 sqm rented in Stary Dworzec
Warsaw 91 sqm rented in Central Tower
Wroclaw 271 sqm rented in Dominikański A (Pałac Oppersdorfów)
18 sqm new area in Chorzowska 108
Warsaw 770 sqm rented in Focus
Warsaw 45 sqm rented in Ostrobramska 101
Warsaw 21 sqm rented in Ostrobramska 101
978 sqm rented in Silesia Business Park - Budynek D
14 sqm new area in Opolska 22 - Budynek CD



REDD Index is an indicator of average time counted in days, that is needed to rent office space. The indicator shows the dynamics of the commercial real estate market based on the data available in the REDD platform, by analysing transactions recorded in the selected period. Average time needed to rent office space is calculated every day from the last 90 days. It allows you to check how long office space in three size ranges have been waiting for rent until they appeared as available on the market.

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Expert Comment

REDD data show that the office market in the largest regions in Poland is stable. However, the REDD Index shows a slight pre-holiday inhibition. The number of days of renting office space has increased. However, this is only temporary. The office market is fuelled by new investments and new demand. As our data show, the largest office markets in Poland - after Warsaw, remained: Kraków, Wrocław and the Tri-City. We forecast that September will bring increased transaction activity.

Piotr Smagała

Managing Director
Październik * Listopad *
Region Redd Index Redd Index 500 Redd Index 1000 Redd Index 1000+ Redd Index Redd Index 500 Redd Index 1000 Redd Index 1000+

*Calculated from the last day of a given month from 90 days.


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