130 sqm new area in Business House Żeligowskiego - Budynek C
Cracow 11 sqm new area in Prądnicka 4
Warsaw 252 sqm new area in Wołoska 24
Wroclaw 43 sqm new area in Dominikański B
Wroclaw 365 sqm new area in Dominikański B
Wroclaw 1 622 sqm new area in Bema Plaza
Warsaw 284 sqm new area in Spektrum Tower
Warsaw 199 sqm new area in Rondo 1
Warsaw 341 sqm new area in Plac Zamkowy – Business with Heritage
267 sqm new area in Business House Żeligowskiego - Budynek C
Wroclaw 97 sqm new area in Dominikański B
Wroclaw 120 sqm new area in Dominikański B
1 076 sqm new area in Supersam
2 252 sqm new area in Supersam
Warsaw 105 sqm new area in Kopernik Office Building B
Warsaw 360 sqm new area in Kopernik Office Building B
Warsaw 526 sqm new area in Neopark A
Warsaw 1 485 sqm new area in The Warsaw Hub B
Cracow 395 sqm new area in K1
Cracow 105 sqm new area in Basztowa 3




Cavatina Holding and PKO Bank Polski have signed a lease agreement for Chmielna 89 building in Warsaw. Total leased area is over 24.000 sqm of office space. The Bank will occupy all of the office floors available in the building. This is one of the biggest transaction concluded on the polish market this year.

Chmielna 89 is a 14-storey, high standard building resembling a crystal. It is over 25.000 sqm high end work surface. Users will be able to use the services on the ground floor and green cascaded terraces with a total of 370 sqm.

The building was designed keeping in mind existing and planned development of this part of Warsaw, so that it naturally corresponds with immediate surroundings. Thanks to the use of modern architectural solutions and lighting of the main facade, it has the chance to become a showcase of this part of the capital.

- Convenient location, high standard of the building and ability to adapt the space to our needs, were one of the key criteria of our selection. In the second half of next year, approximately 2,000 employees of the Bank will move to Chmielna 89 - says Rafał Antczak, Vice President of the Management Board at PKO Bank Polski.

The distinguishing feature of Chmielna 89 is the light and transparent facade made of glass panels, stainless steel and aluminum frames. Designers also took care of architectural details inside and outside the facility.

- Chmielna 89 in Warsaw is a prestigious project of Cavatina Holding, which is distinguished by its unique architecture, excellent location and innovative technological solutions. These are only some of the advantages thanks to which the building has gained international recognition. A concluded lease agreement is for us an expression of great trust and strong position of Cavatina Holding on commercial real estate market in Poland. Development strategy of our development activity for upcoming years assumes launching further projects also in Warsaw’s central locations – says Daniel Draga, board member of Cavatina Holding.

- Providing high quality work space to the market is already a standard, which is why we go a step further - we care about the city-forming aspect of implemented projects, their ease of being part of the environment, being an integral part of the modern city's ecosystem - adds Sebastian Świstak, director of commercialization in the Cavatina Holding branch in Warsaw.

The original appearance and character of the building, as well as energy-saving technological solutions have been recognized at the International Property Awards in London. Last year Chmielna 89 received three awards, including the highest title "Best International Office Development" in the final of the competition.

This year in October Chmielna 89 in Warsaw changed its owner. The Warsaw office building together with the Krakow project Tischnera Office have expanded the portfolio of Globalworth Poland - the largest office investor in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.


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