30 sqm rented in Biurowe Centrum Biznesu
Wroclaw 100 sqm rented in Sky Tower
18 sqm rented in Biurowe Centrum Biznesu
Cracow 790 sqm new area in Podium Park A
Warsaw 21 sqm rented in Jerozolimskie 53
Cracow 1 230 sqm new area in Podium Park A
Wroclaw 560 sqm rented in Sky Tower
Warsaw 56 sqm rented in West Station I
Wroclaw 850 sqm rented in Sky Tower
36 sqm new area in Biurowe Centrum Biznesu



The Echo Investment developer has received permission to build the first two office buildings of the Fuzja complex in Łódź. The company can now start an office investment consisting of two buildings. This means entering the next stage of revitalization of the former factory.

  • Echo Investment plans groundbreaking in the second quarter of next year.
  • This stage involves creation of two facilities that will deliver approximately 20,000 sqm to the Łódź rentable office space market.
  • The smaller office building will be approximately 9,000 sqm, the larger just over 10,000 sqm.
  • Construction is expected to be completed in less than three years.

Fuzja is a residential and service complex that will be built at Tymienieckiego Street. A residential area is under  construction since Spring this year and construction teams have been also intensively preparing for the office stage. In recent months, the square in front of the historic, Art Nouveau heat and power plant, which will gain new functions, has been cleaned and revitalized.

At the same time, with the start of the office stage, Echo Investment will continue work dedicated to the first residential stage and work on the construction of another building with premises for Łódź residents and multi-storey car park will begin.

In total, Echo Investment will develop around seven hectares of land near the historic Księży Młyn.


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