135 sqm rented in Drukarnia Center
862 sqm rented in Hi Piotrkowska 155
Warsaw 42 sqm rented in Staniewicka 18
Wroclaw 1 467 sqm new area in West House 1A
Poznan 987 sqm rented in Business Garden Poznań 9
Warsaw 98 sqm rented in Staniewicka 18
Wroclaw 1 467 sqm new area in West House 1A
Warsaw 89 sqm rented in Puławska 39
Warsaw 462 sqm new area in Park Rozwoju Etap I
Warsaw 1 179 sqm rented in Business Garden IV


The largest lease transaction in the history of the polish office market finalised

mBank has rented 45.6 thousand sqm of office space in the Mennica Legacy Tower in Warsaw. During negotiations of agreement, rented area increased by 5,600 sqm. Initially it was supposed to be 40,000sqm. About conclusion of an agreement informs social media of Cresa company, which advised bank during negotiations.

  • Implemented by Golub GetHouse and Mennica Polska S.A. Mennica Legacy Tower complex is a 140-meter tower and the neighbouring 43-meter west building with a total area of over 65.6 thousand sqm
  • The office building is being built at the intersection of Prosta and Żelazna streets in Warsaw's Wola district
  • The planned commissioning date is autumn 2019
  • The architecture plans of the Mennica Legacy Tower complex were meade by Goettsch Partners studio from Chicago, which chose the Epstein design office as its local partner.
  • The new mBank headquarter will replace the existing locations, including those at Senatorska and Królewska street.

"We can clearly say: there is a record! The office market has recently provided us with a lot of excitement associated with big lease or sale contracts. MBank decided to move its headquarters to one of the most modern buildings in Poland. The complex will use advanced technological solutions to increase the efficiency of systems and guarantee tenants' security. Also the latest mobile technologies will be used in the facility, enabling tenants to communicate with the building using a smartphone and a mobile app." - comments Piotr Smagała, Managing Director REDD


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