210 sqm rented in Stary Dworzec
515 sqm rented in Stary Dworzec
Warsaw 91 sqm rented in Central Tower
Wroclaw 271 sqm rented in Dominikański A (Pałac Oppersdorfów)
18 sqm new area in Chorzowska 108
Warsaw 770 sqm rented in Focus
Warsaw 45 sqm rented in Ostrobramska 101
Warsaw 21 sqm rented in Ostrobramska 101
978 sqm rented in Silesia Business Park - Budynek D
14 sqm new area in Opolska 22 - Budynek CD

Investors and Developers

Daily updated data in REDD will help you assess the market situation, allow you to analyse transaction risk and evaluate business plans. Available information will also be useful to forecast the situation in the industry. Find out the number of vacant spaces, amount of rents, and which locations are most popular among tenants.

  • Analysis of the business environment
  • Forecasting market situation
  • Identification of transaction risks
  • Verification of business goals

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