210 sqm rented in Stary Dworzec
515 sqm rented in Stary Dworzec
Warsaw 91 sqm rented in Central Tower
Wroclaw 271 sqm rented in Dominikański A (Pałac Oppersdorfów)
18 sqm new area in Chorzowska 108
Warsaw 770 sqm rented in Focus
Warsaw 45 sqm rented in Ostrobramska 101
Warsaw 21 sqm rented in Ostrobramska 101
978 sqm rented in Silesia Business Park - Budynek D
14 sqm new area in Opolska 22 - Budynek CD


Use REDD comparative data to develop appraisals and property valuations. In REDD you will find among others information on rents, availability and competitiveness of office offers as well as archived transaction data from all over the country. Contact us and find out how, thanks to reliable data, we can facilitate your work.

  • Forecasts and information on market trends
  • Access to current source data
  • Integration with statistical and BI tools
  • Comparison of buildings

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